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As we see in practice time it is necessary not just keeping the light levels at the workplace but to increase them as much as possible. For these requirements we have developed different special reflectors which can be put to use depending on the height of the room and the lux level to be reached. They are even occasionally suitable for use with T8 fluorescent tubes.

In general, we consider a reflector instead of a stronger wattage of the fluorescent tube. In this way we are capable to optain up to 100% higher light levels dependent on the initial light. And this is achieved together with up to 60% savings in energy.

In the examples below our standard reflectors are listed. For better representation in the photos, they are photographed with colored foil. The material of the reflectors is high gloss finished aluminum. In addition, we are able to provide customized products, tailored to the re-equipped lamps.


Compact Reflector

Compact Compact-Montiert


The reflector Compact is used where normally small space is present in the lamp. In the version high gloss it shows a deep shining narrow beam, whereas the styling soft is designed for giving a wide beam.

Flood Reflector



The high-output reflector Flood is a reflector with wide beam distribution for low-hanging lights or far apart located light fixtures. By its integrated head mirror the reflector gets an extremly high efficiency. Besides improving the light levels, the appearance of simple lamps is also visually upgraded.

Spot Reflector



The high-performance reflector Spot is the big brother of the Flood. It is designed for medium heights. Its light beam is also designed wide, but with an emphasis on the middle sectors. Also equipped with a head mirror, this reflector achieves also in recessed lights the best possible effect due to its longer sides. With the appropriate metal clips this reflector is also designed for T8 fluorescent tubes.

Down Reflector



For high ceilings or high racks there is the reflector Down because his narrow beam provides a peculiar deep shining beam-effectiveness. Thus, the light is not wasted on the shelves, but gets into hallway. This reflector is also suitable for T8 fluorescent tubes.

Klammern T5 - T8


Plastic clips T5-tubes are included. On site these will be put easily into the existing holes. T5 and T8 metal clips are optional and will be joined by aluminium rivets with the reflectors on site.